The following page shows accessibility issues in various projects in the standard (light) theme and the new night theme (aka dark mode). We run color contrast checkers against the desktop site in both the light and night themes and communities can use this tool to identify high priority issues for them to fix. The WCAG color contrast checker Chrome extension can help identify colors that should be changed to meet guidelines. Reports are run weekly but you can run reports quicker and more frequently by downloading and running the color contrast tool locally.

A recommendations page should provide all the guidance needed to address issues for the night theme.

When a community has fewer errors in the night mode theme than the light mode theme, the web team will consider broadening the release to desktop and all logged in users. Thank you in advance for your help!

If you would like a report generated for your wiki please ping [[user:Jon (WMF)]] on your local wiki to be added here!

Stage 1

For these wikis, dark mode is available for logged on users on mobile and logged in desktop. On July 16th it will be expanded to include desktop anons.

Stage 2

Wikis listed here will be considered for dark mode as an opt in feature on both mobile and desktop on July 16th (all users)

Stage 3

These wikis are likely to get dark mode as a feature only for logged in users on July 16th. Availability for logged out users will be expanded when more errors have been fixed. This includes wikis where Vector 2022 is not the default skin.